Diversified Wealth Management is an independent financial services company dedicated to creating personalized investment allocation strategies aimed at helping help clients accumulate and preserve wealth.

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To provide an investment chair and long-term seat for our clients at the “income” table of life.


Achieve greater portfolio diversification while taking advantage of traditional investments and investments that are not correlated to the stock market.


We take a comprehensive look at where your finances are today before we begin developing your investment strategy.

We assess your investment goals, available resources, tax position, required rate of return, and risk tolerance.

We match client goals with ideal investments inside and outside the stock market.


While our clients are unique, they all have one thing in common – they want unbiased investment advice from experienced professionals. They look to Diversified Wealth Management to help them achieve greater diversification, possible enhanced income and a reduction in day-to-day stock market volatility. Our view of wealth management reflects an ongoing process and a lifelong relationship that signifies genuine commitment to help you achieve your goals, stay abreast of changes in your life, and provide you with expert analysis, information, advice, and recommendations.